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Singing Hills will host your Christian group all year round.  Rent our facility for a great price, or attend one of our own events. Any language or ethnicity, we want to serve you and strengthen the ministry of your local church.   We have a variety of meeting rooms for your needs, great accommodations, and delicious buffet meal selections, along with an optional snack list to choose from.  Our facility is easy to get to on 135 wooded acres in Western New Hampshire. With beautiful vistas, hiking trails, ponds and streams, it is the perfect place to retreat from your busy, hectic life.


Country: USA

City: Plainfield

State: New Hampshire

GPS: 351 Stage Rd, Plainfield, NH  03781

Mailing: 71 King Drive, Plainfield, NH  03781

Why Us:

  • Serving Christ-Centered Christian Groups for over 40 years

  • Flexible To Your Group Needs

  • Spacious Peaceful Vistas, And Easy To Get To

Call Us Now: 1-888-863-2267

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