Singing Hills Christian Camp and Conference Center

New Hampshire, USA


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SINGING HILLS GROUP PRICE LIST (effective January 1, 2014)

Individual Adult Rates (See Policies Below for Children*)


1 night, including 1 or 2 meals (Sat. breakfast and lunch):      $ 55

1 night including 3 meals:                                                            $ 60

2 nights, including 4 meals:                                                          $ 93

2 nights, including 5 meals:                                                          $ 98


3 nights, including 8 meals:                                                          $125

3 nights, including 9 meals:                                                          $130

4 nights, including 11 meals:                                                        $160

5 nights, including 14 meals:                                                        $200

Any meals added would be at our a la carte prices.   If taking off a meal, price would be reduced by $5 per person.

(If Friday supper, we can serve no later than 6 PM, and group must guarantee payment for at least 20)

     *For family groups, pricing is for guests ages 10 and up. Children ages 4-9 are half price.   No charge for      children 3 years and under.  


1 night, including 1 or 2 meals:                                                   $  70 ($140/room)  

1 night, including 3 meals:                                                           $  75 ($150/room)

2 nights, including 5 meals:                                                         $  120 ($240/room)


$15 per person – no meals (adult)

$10 per person – w/meals (rate requires we provide at least 1 meal per night of group’s stay)

Children ages 4-9 are at ½ price.

Any meals added would be at our a la carte prices.

For exclusive use of the campground, group must book at least 20 at the adult rate for 2 nights.


$5/person (use of outdoor recreational facilities only and access to bathrooms)

$7/person (use of outdoor recreational facilities, bathrooms and meeting room)  

If group needs multiple meeting rooms, an extra charge would apply (per case basis).


Singing Hills would like to extend the opportunity for a short term individual or family retreat, depending on space availability.  They may only be booked within 30 days of the desired date.  We do not book personal retreats during the months of July and August.  A family retreat is defined as Mom, Dad and their children (not extended family relatives).  Family reunions and other gatherings must be booked as a group retreat at group rates. We do require a non-refundable deposit of $30 per room at the time you make your reservation, via credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), to confirm your reservation.  Please call 888-863-2267 for more information and please click the document link here for our personal retreat guidelines.  Personal Retreat Guidelines

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