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Donation image Singing Hills Camp NH

Ways To Donate

Singing Hills has served the Christian Church in New England with the Gospel of Christ for  50 years. Your gift today will help us to accomplish our ministry purposes of reaching the lost, and encouraging believers with eternal hope in Jesus Christ.


Your donations provide:

  • Camp scholarships for needy kids

  • A beautifully maintained facility 

  • All aspects of stewardship like paying for well trained and well paid staff, besides keeping our bills paid

Thank you for considering how you can help us financially with your one-time gift, or recurring donations.  Make an eternal impact in a life today!

Donate By Mail:

Your mailed check to:

      Singing Hills, 71 King Drive, Plainfield, NH   03781

Donate By Phone:

Your phone donations:

       Call 603-709-7072 (Don Jordan, Director's home office)

Donate Online:

Visit our online portal to donate a one-time or recurring gift.

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