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At our Christian camp and conference center, we offer a variety of prices for bringing a group to our facility. Our prices are based on the size of your group and the type of retreat package you select. We offer packages that include overnight stays, meals, activities, and more. We also offer discounts for larger groups. Our staff is always available to answer any questions and help you select the package that best meets the needs of your group.  Call or email us today with any questions you may have. 

Phone: 888-863-2267

Registrar Email:

SINGING HILLS - PRICE LIST 2023 (effective June 1st, 2023)

FACILITY OVERNIGHT                                                                                  Per Person

1 night accommodation:                                                                                  $79

Meals can be added to a 1-night retreat at the a la carte rates.

For example (1 night (79) lunch (16) dinner (19), and breakfast (15))            $129

(1-night retreats from 3rd Friday in June to Columbus Day can only be booked 1 month in advance.)


2 nights, including 4 meals:                                                                             $144

                             Winter Season: (December 26 – March 31, 2024)             $134

Peak Season: (June 21 – August 29, 2024)             $164

2 nights, including 5 meals:                                                                             $149

                             Winter Season: (December 26 – March 31, 2024)             $139

Peak Season: (June 21 – August 29, 2024)                                                    $169

3 nights, including 8 meals:                                                                             $194

4 nights, including 11 meals:                                                                           $214

5 nights, including 14 meals:                                                                           $254



(For family groups, pricing is for guests ages 10 and up. Children ages 4-9 are half price.  

No charge for children 3 years and under.) 


  • For weekend retreats, meal options begin on Saturday morning.  We do not offer a Friday dinner.

  • Subtracting a meal from any overnight option will reduce the price by $5.

  • Meals may be added to any overnight option at the a la carte meal rates.

  • Meals a la carte: $15 (Breakfast) $16 (Lunch) $19 (Dinner)

Double Occupancy Rates (not available during peak season)


1 night, including 3 meals:                                                                     $190 per person ($380/room)

2 nights, including 5 meals:                                                                   $219 per person ($438/room)


$23 per person – no meals (adult)

$18 per person – w/meals (rate requires we provide at least 1 meal per night of group’s stay)

Children ages 4-9 are at ½ price.

Any meals added would be at our a la carte prices. Special discount rates available if we are providing all your meals.

4 rustic cabins (each sleeps 4) available at $25 per cabin per night. 


Requirements for booking the campground during the summer months:

    -For 2-night weekend, group must pay for at least 20 guests for 2 nights.

    -For midweek stay (M-F), group must pay for at least 20 guests for 3 night minimum.

    -For a long weekend, group must pay for at least 20 guests for the equivalent of a 5 night minimum.

Please contact us at 603-469-3236 or for more specifics on booking the campground.



  • Day Groups:             $5/person (use of outdoor recreational facilities only and access to bathrooms)

$10/person (use of outdoor recreational facilities, bathrooms and meeting room) 

If group needs multiple meeting rooms, an extra charge would apply (per case basis).

  • Meals a la carte:       $15 (Breakfast), $16 (Lunch), $19 (Dinner)

  • Linens (optional):       $10/person (sheets, pillowcase, bath and hand towel, and face cloth)

  • Pool:                       $60/hour (includes 1 lifeguard)

  • Pond:                      $100/hour (full access including blob with 2 lifeguards)

($25/hour for Pool or Pond if no lifeguard is required)



We love to offer Personal Retreats at Singing Hills from after Columbus Day (mid-October) until just before Memorial Day (late May.  Looking for some quiet time away with God, to be renewed, refreshed, and encouraged?  Consider booking a personal retreat at Singing Hills! Realizing the importance of periodically getting away from the hectic pace of our busy lives, Singing Hills would like to extend the opportunity for a short-term individual or family retreat.  Please call our Registrar, Ruth, at 603) 469-3236 for rates and more information on booking a personal retreat or visit our Personal Retreat page for more information. 

Personal Retreats Information Page 


603) 469-3236         fax (603) 469-3246         71 King Drive, Plainfield, NH 03781-7708

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