Celebrating 50 Years!

Singing Hills was established in 1972 when a local farmer, Earl King, donated his land to create a place where Christian leaders could bring their churches and youth for camps and other events. Camp founder Warren Biebel had vision and experience in camping ministry. His heart for youth to find Christ, and Earl’s tractor were the beginnings of what has become a fruitful ministry to all New England.  


Today, the beautiful 135 acres of forested land and conference grounds are used to bless thousands of guests each year. With field and mountain vistas, brooks and ponds, three lodges capable of housing up to 215 guests, and a recently added Hilltop Campground for tent and trailer camping, Singing Hills is the ideal spot for churches and individuals to nurture a relationship with Christ.  


While Mr. and Mrs. King have gone on to be with the Lord, you can still reach Warren and Marian Biebel by contacting Singing Hills. Warren has been busy writing and publishing many books that you can purchase at Amazon.com.

Singing Hills Camp NH Early Days

Earl King and Warren Biebel 1972