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Our History

Singing Hills was established in 1972 when a local farmer, Earl King, donated his land to create a place where Christian leaders could bring their churches and youth for camps and other events. Camp founder Warren Biebel had vision and experience in camping ministry. His heart for youth to find Christ, and Earl’s tractor were the beginnings of what has become a fruitful ministry to all New England.  

Founder Warren Biebel and Donor Earl King set the sign at Singing Hills

Earl King and Warren Biebel 1972

Don Jordan was born and raised in the town of Plainfield where Singing Hills is.  From his high school days, Don participated in its development, local youth group projects, working weekends and summers, and married his high school sweetheart Judy, who is the daughter of Warren Biebel, our founder.  Don became the Executive Director in 1987 and retired from that role in 2022. His service to the ministry of Singing Hills spanned 50 years. He will continue to be involved on the Board of Directors and will still facilitate a retreat we offer called, "God Speaks."   

Don Jordan Singing Hills 2022

Don Jordan, Executive Director

1987- 2022

Philip served as the Associate Director at Singing Hills after serving in Christian missions and the hospitality industry. He has a passion for people in New England to know and become disciples of Jesus Christ. He has a passion for Singing Hills as he sees how Singing Hills can be instrumental in that mission. Phil became the Executive Director on November 19, 2022


Philip Lee, Executive Director 2023

Over our 50 years, the property has been developed to include the Mountain View Lodge, the Maple Ridge Chapel, the Hillside House, and the Hilltop Orchard Campground, along with a pond, in-ground pool, various ball fields and hiking trails.  

Our guests travel from all over the world to come to Singing Hills, which is open every day and in every season.  

View Our 50 year photo timeline here:

Singing Hills Timeline 

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