Book a Single Family Get-Away

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers! What a safe and wonderful place to come this fall during Covid-19 virus uncertainties!  Most families were not able to get away this summer for their normal vacations, but because of the pandemic and multiple cancellations this fall, we have lots of space indoors and out to make an incredible memory. We have wireless accessibility for virtual learning if your child needs access to the internet. Call today to inquire about our very affordable price and safety policies. We hope to see your family this fall and winter! 

Book Your Event For Church Families

Singing Hills is an amazing place to bring your Church Family Camp. Take your Christian group to a whole new ministry level with a much needed retreat, conference, or camp.  At Singing Hills you will find 135 acres of sport fields, recreation, campfires, lounges, and indoor worship areas to accomplish your spiritual mission.  Your families will sleep in comfort too. Check out our amazing accommodations and facility! 

Easy to Book

Life gets busy and we know retreat planning can be time consuming.  So let us help you make your event happen in just a few easy steps!  Don't worry about food...We've got this!  No need to be concerned about comfort. Our facility is cozy and comfortable with fireplace lounges, beautiful vistas, and rockers on the porch. Audio visuals and recreational activities?  Got those too!  

Easy Steps

Things to Do

At Singing Hills there is always enough to do. At the same time, Singing Hills is a place where you can just take a much needed nap. The frantic pace of life comes to a wonderful halt and the presence of the Holy Spirit fills minds and hearts with new life for worn out minds. It is in this refreshment that God can do new work in your men's lives. Check out how easy it is to book your event so you can take a nap too.